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Grunge or Alternative from my point of view maybe is an evolution of  PUNK maybe can be a mix of PUNK with normal rock & roll ( like Pearl Jam), or hard rock (like Alice in Chains). I think is the same as Punk cuz the ideas the politics of Punk and Grunge are the same.
The Grunge arise in Seattle (that can be another difference that Gunge comes from little cities no like punk) but  bands like Janes addiction, TheWho, The Doors,Led Zeppelin are the really bands that give the idea, are like pre grunge (maybe that can be alternative) also another Grunge influences are Black Flag, Ramones, Misfits, Sex Pistols the same that started all in Punk  so if u analize this u can find something Grunge is just another form of Punk as the same that u can find Straith Edge,Ska punk, etc. Grunge is another but more popular.

For me Grunge is Punk is another form of expression and is great.