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98 mute
With the aggressive presence of Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Agent Orange combined with the speed and agility of Pennywise and Bad Religion, 98 Mute contributed another chapter to the Hermosa Beach, CA punk rock history book upon their 1994 formation.Their unofficial manager, producer, booking agent and all-around bully is none other than their good friend Fletcher from PENNYWISE. With the help of Fletcher and others, 98 Mute has escaped the confines of Hermosa Beach, California.
 With melodic undertones accompanying their break neck speed and personal lyrics, Theologian Records took recognition within two years of their first show and released their self-titled first album in 1996. Following a tour with the likes of Blink-182 and Pennywise in 1997, Jason (guitar), Doug (bass), Justin (drums) and Pat (singer) found their band contributing to various California punk compilations and skate videos; including 1997's Good Times and the soundtrack for The Show. By 1998, 98 Mute continued their relationship with Theologian Records and followed through with their second album, Class of 98.  Then in 2000 they went to Epithap the great Punk record company sign them and they made a kick ass album Slow Motion Riot followed in mid-2000. Now they are in the great Punk scene u can listen to them in the Punkorama`s and warped tour`s.

98 mute at The Button South in Hallandale, FL 1999