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Jello Biafra
A man who cannot be oppressed.
A man who did not grow out of his rebbelious "phase".
A man who did not abandon punk when it became out of fashion.
A man who would not conform.

Name: Jello Biafra.
Real Name: Eric Boucher.
Band former: Dead kennedys.
Jello Biafra's History.
His original name is Eric Boucher. He gave himself the stage name around the time there was a terrible famine in the African state called, Biafra. I dont know why Jello.
he start a one of the Punk greates bands with  East Bay Ray , Klaus Flouride and DH Peligro they were DK (Dead kennedys)
And then one day the US Government said to each other, this band is really much more than a fad
so they sued them for "Distributing Harmful Matter to minors",
and that's the way they split up the dead kennedy's
That's the way they split up the DEAD KENNEDY'S
  So, after perhaps the greatest band that ever was split up unjustly, instead of becoming an alcohlic, living off the money he made, selling his story of a "drug nightmare" to Woman's Day, marrying a supermodel, writing soft commercial crap and becoming publicly "clean" in order to supply himself with cocaine. In order to avoid corporate censorship of Dead Kennedys' music, he started the Alternative Tentacles record label. Every single Dead Kennedys album and 45 was released on this label, as well as all of his spoken word albums. Other groups released on this label include the Butthole Surfers, Lard (A. Jourgenson and P. Barker from Ministry plus J. Biafra,) D.O.A., Neurosis, and Alice Donut. They, along with SST and Dischord, represent some of the earliest and longest running indie labels in the US that have stayed true to their ideals and origins.
  They've been involved in many court cases too against censorship. So then he kinda lay low from the mainstream public light for a while, not having liked what he saw. That's not to say he lay dormant, he has produced a lot of great stuff since then, just as, if not more creative than his work with DK.

Jello campaign
In 1979 Jello went for the election for mayor of San Francisco of course he didn't win, but he did get an impressive 3rd for essentially a joke candidate. He proposed some cool stuff, here's some of a campaign poster:
My address is 977 Geutrero.
My occupation is vocalist for Dead Kennedys rock punk group.
My age is not a day over 39.
My qualifications for office are: I don't want to see San
Francisco's spirit muzzled in the name of law and order
and tourist dollars. I will ban automobiles, legalize
squatting in unoccupied buildings, auction off all high
city government positions, clean up Market street by
requiring all Down-Town Business men to wear clown suits
and tear down Pier 39.
Police officers shoud be required to run for election.
The neighborhoods they patrol would voteyes or no
I will ease tension in the city by erecting staues of Dan
White throughout town. The Parks Department will sell eggs,
stones and tomatoes to throw at them.
Jello Biafra.
 umm I dont like the part of throw the 39 but well, Jello Biafra also said and wrote the disclaimer on the Offspring Album "Ixnay on the Hombre".