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Jeff Dahl
Name: Jeff Dahl
Born: 1955  Stuttgart, Germany
Bands: Powertrip, Vox Pop, and the Angry Samoans
Jeff born in Germany but in 1960 Dahl family settles in Hawaii.
Jeff  Dahl is Triple X's most prolific and continuously active artist by far. During his productive solo career, (which followed his legendary and historic stints with Powertrip, Vox Pop, and the Angry Samoans), Dahl has released a wide variety of records that remain true to his three chords and one bad attitude dictum. The confessional I kill me, the glammy French Cough Syrup, the tough-minded Leather Frankenstein, the acoustic Have Faith, and the live Scratch Up Some Action all provide glimpses into various chapters of Dahl's musical legacy; an ongoing committment to tried-and-true rock 'n' roll coupled with a tireless international touring schedule complete the picture. His previous release, Heart Full of Snot, revealed Dahl at his most confrontational and indeed ruffled many feathers within the punk rock community.